The real estate mantra is: Location, location, location. Nowhere is this truer than in the commercial sector. We deliver local knowledge to match the client company to the proper location in the target city. Negotiations with contract terms, renovations, and the furnishing of the new office to client specifications will be carried out by us.

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Language barriers can conflict with international business. Not only is it important to have accurate translations but it is equally important to have the intent behind the words accurately translated. Upon request, arranements for translators and interpreters with the knowledge and skill to translate not only the words but also the intent will be made.

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Driving in another country can be a tricky business, especially upon first arriving. Upon request, we will arrange for cars and drivers to get clients where they need to go. Once a client has settled in we can also assist in arranging to lease a car. In high risk countries, secure transportation can also be arranged.

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Relocating domestically is always a challenge; moving to a new country even more so. Our experts at International Business Relocation Service.LLC  will do all they can to make the move easier. Before relocating we will conduct a 'needs analysis' with the client to identify a suitable new home. If requested, arrangements for a preview visit can take place in order to aid the client in familiarizing themselves with their new host country. A preview visit can include the city, possible neighborhoods, schools, restaurants, health care providers, shopping, and even where to find the best manicurist - all delivered with 9 years of experience.
Our experts will analyze the needs of the client in order to find an appropriate apartment or single family residence. Once a home in the host country has been selected by the client we will act as a third-party affiliate in contract negotiations, despite the obstacles of legal procedures and language differences. In all things we will always work in the best interests of the client.
Clients can also be assisted in setting up utilities, such as gas, water, electricity, telephone, etc. Our experts will help with the initial walk-through and inspection, and the lease will be managed by our partner firm (as described under Tenancy Management).

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